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Open Source networking and communications: minihub's mission.
Tux & friends
Formed in 1997, minihub develops and supports sustainable, robust networking and communications systems using proven Open Source Software, otherwise known as free software. An incorporated association, minihub's operations are founded on member support. Open Source IT solutions »

Minihub operates network consultancy services and internet services whose revenues help sustain minihub's primary mission: supporting NGOs (non-government organisations) such as community interest, human rights, social justice, environmental and arts groups in their work. About minihub »

minihub Domain Name Registration Services.
Domain Name Registration Services
Minihub has now become a reseller of domain names. To see our domain name rates and to register a domain name. More »
Open Source IT Solutions
  Using Open Source Software
Minihub works with software distributed under the Open Source licensing model, requiring no licensing fees. We choose software that is proven in industry to be stable, robust, and secure; high-performance technology giving you more value for your computing dollar. More »

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