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Services: Consultancy
Minihub supports the Open Source software licensing model. While we use Open Source software in building networks and configuring communications, we do not restrict clients' choices in what software they want to use. Our Linux Servers will integrate on networks with other operating systems.

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Networking & Communications

Minihub provides independent consultancy services to advise on communications and networking needs for organisations and businesses.

Design and implementation of office intranets and extranets; specification and installation of systems components, networking and servers.
Support and troubleshooting for systems installed.
Setup and configuration of Internet access.
Setup of in-house Internet services:e.g., Web, Email, FTP and DNS servers.
Cross-systems communications and compatibility issues.
Network and communications security.

Minihub uses the Debian Linux distribution; other distributions can be supported but Debian is recommended.

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Minihub can provide basic system operator training courses. These courses can be tailored to the individual organisations needs (normally a couple of hours training would accompany a installation of a server system). Don't hesitate to contact us at for more questions about what we have to offer.

Website Development

Minihub consultants can provide a range of website services.

Website design and development.
Scripting, animation, multimedia, content management.
Web-server setup; script-enabled servers; authorisation and access configurations.
Web databases; database migration to MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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